Jamaica Blue Mountain


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the most sought after coffees in the world! This coffee is nonpareil and has been satisfying the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs for generations. With great care, this coffee is harvested on small farms where stringent quality control standards ensure consistency. CAIYS roasting when you order, makes this coffee even more worth it.

Wallenford®️ prides itself on its farming and production practices which are driven by their mantra of “doing well and doing good.” They work closely with farmers and provide support to their farms, and the surrounding communities and provide infrastructure as well as inputs to help them cultivate a crop that is profitable for them and can support their families. The result has been consistent quality and taste of the coffee that we produce as well as a strong relationship between Wallenford ®️ and the coffee communities.

There is a presence of cocoa undertones in its aftertaste which is mellow and sweet 100% pure, board certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Medium Roast
1 lb
($5.625oz | $2.82/cup)

100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain certified by JACRA, the successor of Coffee Industry Board.
The functions of JACRA is to embrace the setting of Quality Standards, provision of Quality Assurance and Certification Services and generally focus on governing the trading in the Coffee industry in Jamaica.


All of our coffees are 100% Premium Arabica coffee and freshly roasted to order.

How to Prepare:

  • For the ideal cup of coffee, we recommend using one tablespoon of ground coffee per 6 oz of water. Pro Tip: Use Cold Water.
  • The ideal water temperature for extraction is between 195°F and 205°F.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Bag Size Options

12oz, 16oz

Whole Bean or Ground

Ground, Espresso Grind, French Press Grind, Whole Bean