Limited Edition

Anniversary Blend


Blueberry White Chocolate Caiys Bag Mock-up

Blueberry White Chocolate


Bourbon Pecan CAIYS mockup

Bourbon Pecan


Bourbon Pecan Caiys Cups Bag Mockup

Bourbon Pecan Caiys Cups


Brazil Cerrado Caiys bag Mock-up

Brazil Cerrado



Breakfast Blend


Breakfast Blend Caiys Cup Bag Mockup

Breakfast Blend Caiys Cups


Butterscotch Toffee Caiys Bag Mock-up

Butterscotch Toffee


Buttescotch Caiys Cups

Butterscotch Toffee Caiys Cups


Cafe Brulee CAIYS bag MockUp

Café Brûlée


Caiys Cups Bulk MultiPack

Caiys Cups Flavored Coffee 96-count Assortment


Caiys Cups Bulk MultiPack

Caiys Cups Signature Coffee 96-count Assortment


Caiys Cups Bulk MultiPack

Caiys Cups Signature Coffee 96-count Assortment with Decaf Options


CayisLua CAIYS mockup



CAIYS Chill Bag



CAIYS bag Chocolate Vanilla swirl image

Chocolate Swirl


Chocolate Tuxedo CAIYS mockup

Chocolate Tuxedo


Cinnayum Caiys Bag Mockup



Colombia Supremo Huila Estate CC CAIYS bag Mockup

Colombia Supremo Huila Estate Caiys Cups


Costa Rica CAIYS bag mock-up

Costa Rica Tarrazu


Espress Ya Self CAIYS bag Mockup

Espress Ya Self


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Caiys Cups Mock-Up

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Caiys Cups


French Roast CAIYS bag mock-up

French Roast


French Roast Caiys Cups Mock-Up

French Roast Caiys Cups


Caiys Gift Card Image

Gift Card


Caiys Cups Gigis and Sitas Blend Bulk Pack

Gigi’s Blend and Sita’s Blend Caiys Cups 72-count


Caiys gigis blend

Gigi’s Blend


Gigis Blend Caiys Cups Bag

Gigi’s Blend Caiys Cups


Gold Classic Caiys bag Mock-up

Gold Classic – Cameroon Boyo


Gold Classic Caiys Cups Mock-Up

Gold Classic Caiys Cups


Caiys Guatemala Geisha

Guatemala Geisha Honey Washed


Haiti Blue Caiys Bag Mockup

Haiti Blue


Half caff Caiys Bag Mockup

Half Caff


Hawaiian Hazelnut Caiys Bag Mockup

Hawaiian Hazelnut


Hawaiian Hazelnut Caiys Cups Mock-Up

Hawaiian Hazelnut Caiys Cups


Hawaii Kona X fancy CAIYS Coffee

Hawaiian Kona Fancy


Irish Cream CAIYS mockup

Irish Cream


Island Escape Caiys Bag Mockup

Island Escape


CAIYS 100% certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain


Jamaica Blue Mountain Caiys Cups Bag Mockup

Jamaica Blue Mountain Caiys Cups


Jamaica Rum French Vanilla NF CAIYS bag mockup

Jamaica Rum French Vanilla


Jamaican Rum French Vanilla Caiys Cups Mock-ups

Jamaica Rum French Vanilla Caiys Cups


Malawi Peaberry CAIYS Coffee bag

Malawi Peaberry


Mocha Almond Dip CAIYS bag Mockup

Mocha Almond Dip


Mocha Blanc Praline Caiys Bag Mock-up

Mocha Blanc Praline


Ooo Vanil-la-la Caiys bag Mock-Up

Ooo Vanil-la-la


Organic Colombian Caiys Bag Mockup

Organic Colombian Supremo


Organic Dominican Republic Caiys Bag Mockup

Organic Dominican Republic Jarabacoa


Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CAIYS bag Mockup

Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


Organic Ethiopia Blend Caiys Bag Mock-Up

Organic Ethiopian Blend


Organic Guatemala CAIYS bag Mockup

Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango


Kenya AA mu

Organic Kenya AA


Komodo Dragon CAIYS bag mock-up

Organic Komodo Dragon


Organic Mexico Chiapas CAIYS Coffee bag

Organic Mexico Chiapas


Organic Peru Tres Cumbres CAIYS bag Mockup

Organic Peru Tres Cumbres


Ramadan CAIYS bag Mockup

Organic Ramadan Blend


Organic Sumatra Mandheling Medium Caiys bag Mock-up

Organic Sumatra Mandheling


Pa’s Blend Caiys Bag Mock-up

Pa’s Blend


Saviours Day Blend CAIYS Coffee bag

Saviours’ Day Reserve Blend


Sitas Blend Caiys bag

Sita’s Blend


Sitas Blend Caiys Cups

Sita’s Blend Caiys Cups


Sumatra CAIYS Cup bag Mock-up

Sumatra Mandheling Caiys Cups


Caiys Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry


Vanilla Caramel Caiys Bag Mockup

Vanilla Caramel


Vanilla Caramel Caiys Cups

Vanilla Caramel Caiys Cups



White Chocolate Caramel Brûlée


Winter Wonderland Caiys Cups Bag Mockup

Winter Wonderland Caiys Cups




Regular or Decaf

Whole Bean or Ground